The Parable of the Playboy Business Man

There was in the land of Us a man who enjoyed an adulterous life. His heart was hardened and he experienced no shame because of the lifestyle that he had chosen. He owned a small chain of dance studios that brought him both success and pleasure. He enjoyed success due to a steady flow of clientèle into his studios. His pleasure was evoked by the beautiful young girls that he hired to teach his clientèle dance.

This man would take his pick from his hired help daily. Because of his success he could wine and dine his girls before taking them home for the night. Of course these star struck girls were flattered to be the recipient of the high class trappings and attention from their boss. As a result the girls were in competition to dress more seductively than their counterparts in order to gain his attention. This pleased the man and he often encouraged this competition.

Then one day during an unsuccessful pitch to a young couple seeking dance lessons he overheard the young lady whisper to her husband that there was no way she was going to let him take lessons with the scantily dressed instructors at this studio. Because his business was providing him enough success to meet the demands of his base lifestyle, the businessman dismissed the comment and carried on with business as usual.

Several weeks after this encounter the man received a letter from another young lady, who had rejected a pitch to sign on for dance lessons at one of his studios stating, “John and I were satisfied with the level of expertise that your studio was able to offer, however I was not about to let him dance with the half dressed girls that were working for the studio. If you would impose a dress code on your instructors we may consider buying a package of lessons from his studio.”

As any good business man would do this man began to research the effectiveness of requiring modest dress for his instructors. He started with a modest dress code at his studio located in a distant city. To his surprise he found that business increased by 3.1% in the first month and 5.7% over a six month period. He continued the implementation of this modest dress code to a second then a third and finally he implemented a modest dress code in all of his dance studios, with similar success in each store.

Now his new found commitment to modest dress did not change his adulterous lifestyle. In fact his increased profits allowed him to lavish even more gifts on his suitors each night. This gave him more pleasure and his girls continued to woo him, only using means other than scant dress.

So you see, my friend, women do not like other women tantalizing their man by dressing immodestly, and if an adulterous man will change his business practices to accommodate modest dress how much more will society at large adopt modesty if they are led by a group willing to lead the way to modest dress.